Season 64 - Newsletter

Moderator Applications Opening Soon

June 02, 2024 / by tracer

Welcome to Season 64!

Moderator Updates

Season 63 marked the last season as a moderator for Nabalaskar, who was responsible for community work over the past few seasons, including managing featured matches and making outreach posts that you may have seen in #league. We thank Nabalaskar for being an important part of our team in the last year.

Season 64 will mark the start of a new process for adding new moderators. While before we would only have applications open every 3 seasons, applications will now always be open, and we will consider adding moderators roughly 2 weeks into each season. The new application will be available on this website from the moderators page starting in a week - more information to come.

Feedback Summary

On the season 64 returning form, we asked about break length and a trade-off between player variety and time zones. Based on comments we received on the break length question, it became clear that many players are unaware of the current system for determing how players place after returning from a break from league. We will be holding a townhall this season to review and answer questions about the current breaks rules and source suggestions on any changes that should be made.

Players had mixed responses to the question about opponent variety, with a very slight majority of responses favoring variety being given some consideration. We are planning to make a change here specifically for those of you in American divisions - starting next season, we plan to no longer split Western and Eastern time zones. Please speak up if you think this change will cause significant problems.

Having had one season for the new tier structure to settle in, we will start closely monitoring the affected tiers for balance. Last season looked promising with fewer extreme results than we had seen previously.

Best of luck this upcoming season!