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History of the Dominion League

The Dominion League is the oldest Dominion online tournament out there.

It was founded by Stef in April 2014 and hasn't stopped since. It originally originated as a forum post on the Dominion Strategy Forum, with opponents scheduling through forum messages. Most organization now takes place on the Dominion Discord.
Since 2018, SamE has taken on the role of head League Moderator and helped continue this longstanding tournament.

Playing in the League

Get matched with a group of 5 other players at your same skill level

Compete against each other to win the most Dominion games

Advance up the League tiers by winning in your group!

Each season of lasts 6 weeks and you are welcome to join every new season or take a break after playing each season. Everyone of all skill levels is welcome, as it is a friendly tournament and players will be placed accordingly based on their skill level. You will have the opportunity to play opponents from all around the world or specify the time zone you're during sign ups to help ease scheduling. The League is a great place if you enjoy competitive playing or want to dive deeper into Dominion and develop your own play! The League is completely free, but we do recommend purchasing expansions on the online client so you can play with more cards.
Rules and Regulations: here
FAQ: here
Current Moderators: here

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