Season 50 - Feedback Report

January 24, 2022 / by tracer

Each season, the Dominion League Moderators will be publishing select results from our feedback questions, both for accountability to them and to be able to reference them later should players have questions about why something is the way it is.

Starting this season we will be accepting feedback in our always-open suggestion box form. We are hoping that this will bring more ideas our way with people not needing to remember them for the returning form.

Season 49 Town Hall (Kingdom Selection Restrictions)

During the Season 49 Town Hall, there was a lively discussion about what all should be allowed with respect to deviating from table defaults for selecting kingdoms for league. There was discussion and polling on a number of changes players could mutually agree to: playing with fewer expansions, specifying the expansions of cards, selecting specific card-shaped things by name, rerolling boards, and use of public and private 3rd-party generators.

The polling showed few people actively looking for making changes, and depending on the deviation a varied number of people either okay or not okay with others making the change. Given the lack of support for banning some deviations, we as moderators decided that some changes should still be allowed, and that given precedent, there should be a high bar for disallowing changes to kingdom generation that are currently allowed.

As such, we will be imposing the following restrictions: players may specify at most 1 card or landscape by name; players may not agree to reroll boards that they have already seen for reason of not wanting to play the board; and players may not agree to use private 3rd-party kingdom generators (if you have questions about something being allowed here, ask a moderator).

Returning Form Questions

On the season 50 returning form, we asked questions about sorting players into divisions by time zone and the length of tiebreakers and adjustment matches.

Time Zone Based Divisions

Our responses to this question from tiers E through J, where divisions are split by time zone, indicated that a strong majority of players there prefer to keep those divisions based on time zone. We will not change these.

In tiers C and D, a weak majority indicated a preference for splitting based on time zone, though a sizable proportion of players in those tiers had a strong preference for worldwide divisions. When discussing possible changes we had very few responses from these divisions so did not act - we will look again towards the end of season 50, so if you have something additional to say please do so.

In your tier, what are your feelings towards creating divisions based on time zones?

TierResp.S. WorldW. WorldW. SimilarS. Similar
 A  3  67%  -  33%  - 
 B  10  40%  30%  20%  10% 
 C  17  29%  18%  47%  6% 
 D  20  20%  15%  60%  5% 
 E  34  3%  15%  41%  41% 
 F  52  -  15%  38%  46% 
 G  58  5%  9%  52%  34% 
 H  80  6%  16%  48%  30% 
 I  89  2%  11%  43%  44% 
 J  90  8%  10%  40%  42% 
 Total  453  7.3%  13.0%  43.9%  35.8% 

Answer Format: Select one of: Strongly prefer playing against people from similar time zones; Weakly prefer playing against people from similar time zones; Weakly prefer playing against people from around the world; Strongly prefer playing against people from around the world

Tiebreaker and Adjustment Length

Over 50% of respondents indicated that they preferred to keep the status quo for length of tiebreaker and adjustment matches, with roughly 40% desiring longer matches. In divisions A-E, a majority wanted longer matches.

Considering these results, we will maintain the current default tiebreaker and adjustment match length of playing first to 1.5 wins (3 games). We will continue to allow players to agree to longer matches, so long as they are played either first to 2.5 wins (5 games) or first to 3.5 wins (7 games).

The results from this question broken down by tier are shown below, by maximum number of games in the match.

Question: What should be the length of tiebreaker and adjustment matches?

TierResp.1 game3 games5 games7 games
 A  4  -  -  100%  - 
 B  11  -  36%  45%  18% 
 C  18  6%  44%  33%  17% 
 D  20  -  40%  50%  10% 
 E  35  -  40%  46%  14% 
 F  49  6%  63%  16%  14% 
 G  54  11%  59%  22%  7% 
 H  82  4%  51%  34%  11% 
 I  84  10%  60%  24%  7% 
 J  85  13%  54%  25%  8% 
 Total  442  7.2%  53.2%  29.4%  10.2% 

Answer Format: Select one of: First to 0.5 wins (single game); First to 1.5 wins (best of 3 games); First to 2.5 wins (best of 5 games); First to 3.5 wins (best of 7 games)

Looking Forward to Season 50

Most of the freeform feedback we received from players this past season fit into categories of either play speed or the league calendar. In addition to a scheduled question about the lengths of seasons, you can look for some questions about timing on next season’s returning form.

The Season 50 Town Hall will be on the topic of the league calendar, including placement of breaks during the year and when there should be extra weeks off.