Last updated: December 02, 2023

League Resources

Allowable Resources in the Dominion League

These resources may be consulted at any time, including during a League game.



The current rulebooks for each Dominion set are linked below. See below for some changes that were made but not yet incorporated into the official rulebooks.

There is no official rulebook for the promo cards (Envoy, Black Market, Stash, Walled Village, Governor, Prince, Summon, Sauna/Avanto, Dismantle, Church, Captain, and Marchland).

New errata

These errata are not included in the rulebooks linked above, but are official rules and are used in Dominion Online.

Updated cards

The abilities of these cards have changed since the rulebooks were last printed. Cards with the same abilities but new wordings (such as due to the “Gaining non-Supply cards” rule below) are not listed here.

Additionally, two cards intentionally work differently online than what their texts say:

Previous errata

Previous card errata is not listed here as it has become extensive, and some cards have changed multiple times. You should familiarize yourself with the rulebooks (linked above) and the errata not yet printed in rulebooks (listed above) to know how the cards currently work.

Previous rule errata is below for reference.

Playing Durations multiple times

If a card such as Throne Room plays a Duration card multiple times, that card also stays in play until the player discards the Duration card. If a card such as Throne Room plays a non-Duration card multiple times — even if the card it plays then plays a Duration card — it is always discarded from play the turn it is played.


If you have to do anything with your deck — for example draw, look at, reveal, set aside, discard, or trash cards — and you need more cards than are left in your deck, first shuffle your discard pile and put it under your deck, then do the thing. If there are still not enough cards, you do the thing with however many cards you can. If when shuffling there are no cards in your deck, the shuffled discard pile simply becomes your new deck.

When shuffling, you may also look through your remaining deck.

Tracking rules

Some cards, like Band of Misfits, can play a card that isn’t put into play. When you play Band of Misfits, leave it in play as long as you would have left the card it plays in play. Normally that will be the same turn’s Clean-up. For a Band of Misfits playing a Duration card, it will be the Clean-up of the last turn the Duration card has any effects. For a Band of Misfits playing a Throne Room playing a Duration card, it will be the Clean-up of the turn the Duration card leaves play. For a Band of Misfits playing a card that can move itself from play, like Mining Village, the card can’t move itself, so Band of Misfits doesn’t leave play any earlier than normal. If a Band of Misfits plays multiple Duration cards (e.g., you used Throne Room on it), leave it out until the Clean-up of the last turn that one of the played cards still had effects.

These rules apply to all of the cards that play cards without putting them into play: Band of Misfits, Captain, Inheritance, Necromancer, Overlord, and Way of the Mouse.

Stop-Moving rule

Note: This replaces the Lose-Track rule (which was introduced in the Dominion: Dark Ages rulebook), and is largely the same as it.

An effect can move a card if it specifies where the card is coming from, or if the effect put the card where it is now. If a card isn’t where the effect would expect it to be, or has moved away from there and then back, it can’t move the card. Played cards expect to be in play; they can’t move themselves if they aren’t. Gained cards are expected to be where they were gained to, even if this isn’t the discard pile. Cards in discard piles can be moved even if covered up by other cards. Cards on top of a deck can’t be moved once covered up.

Additionally, when you are told to get a card from your discard pile and that card is not the top card of your discard pile, you can look through your discard pile to get the card. You don’t have to just look at the top couple of cards, you can look through the whole discard pile.

Gaining non-Supply cards

When a card tells you to gain a non-Supply card by name (e.g., “gain a Horse”), or by a pile type (e.g., “gain a Prize”), you can gain it from its pile, even though it’s not in the Supply.

For example, Marauder can gain Spoils because Marauder uses the words “gain a Spoils”, but Changeling cannot gain an Imp because Changeling does not use the word “Imp” and instead says “gain a copy”.

Reducing costs

The cost in $ of a card can’t go below $0. The cost in Potion of a card can’t go below 0 Potion. The cost in Debt of a card can’t go below 0 Debt.

Kingdom Treasure cards

Treasure cards that do special things when played will no longer say “when you play this”, and instead of saying they are “worth” an amount of $ they will give +$.


You may spend Coffers at any time on your turn.

Playing cards

An effect that tries to play a card for the first time can only do so when the card is where the effect expects it to be. With an effect that plays a card multiple times, the subsequent times will always work, regardless of whether the first play was successful.

Dominion Online bugs

Below is a list of cards and situations where the game rules aren’t followed. This list does not include bugs with removed cards, confusing or incorrect interface issues, or problems with the Lord Rattington bot. Bugs due to using abilities during another player’s turn are in a separate section below.

Bugs during another player’s turn

If you encounter a bug not listed here, please confirm it is indeed a bug in the #rules-help channel of the Dominion (by Donald X Vaccarino) Discord server, and then tag a League moderator.