Season 63 - Newsletter

New Structure in Place

March 30, 2024 / by tracer

Welcome to Season 63, which will see 2 new tiers.

Moderator Updates

This season we added breppert as a moderator. breppert first played in the Dominion League during season 17 and recently returned after a long break. Some of you have already been onboarded by breppert and they will be moderating 5 divisions this upcoming season and helping out with featured matches.

Structure Changes

The 11-tier system has arrived, which hopefully will bring better balance in a few seasons if not this one. We no longer have a fixed structure below C tier - in general you can expect that there will be 2 promotions and demotions between tiers with similar numbers of divisions and 1 promotion when the tier above is much smaller. This season this means that D and F-K will have 2 promotions, and A-C and E will have 1.

In the coming seasons, please give us feedback about what is and is not working - we cannot make changes without knowing there is a problem.

Feedback Summary

On the season 63 returning form we asked if players wanted to have larger divisions, and an overwhelming majority or respondents voted to maintain the current size. We will not be making any changes here.

We received many comments this past season about difficulty scheduling, particularly across time zones. Please remember that you may need to schedule ahead of time when your natural schedules do not align as well, and you may want to specify time zone when scheduling. It also may work better to put out a general call in your division channel rather than trying to schedule with specific people - be sure to keep a look out for those.

Finally, based on last season’s townhall, we will be reducing townhall frequency and only holding them when we feel there is a specific need for a discussion. We will still hold a general purpose townhall at least every year for asking the moderators about internal workings.

Best of luck this upcoming season!