Season 62 - Newsletter

Additional Tiers Coming

February 03, 2024 / by tracer

Welcome to Season 62 of the Dominion League, with some major changes on the horizon.

Moderator Updates

After 5 years, season 61 marked wharf_rat’s final season with the Dominion League moderation team. Our league does not run without the help of its moderators, and wharf_rat has been part of that for a long time. They will be missed!

On a brighter note, I am pleased to announce the addition of TeamOkay as a moderator. TeamOkay has played 10 seasons across 5 different tiers, and has been with our community for nearly 4 years. They will be moderating 5 divisions this upcoming season - keep an eye out!

Tier Additions

On the season 62 returning form, we asked players about numbers of promotions and whether to add tiers between F and G tiers and H and I tiers. The promoters and demoters policy will stay the same, as a majority of players in most tiers wished to keep the status quo of 2 between tiers with similar numbers of players.

We will be adding the two tiers starting in season 63. 64% of players in E-G tiers voted in favor of adding the tier between F and G, and 72% of players in G-I tiers voted in favor of adding the tier between H and I. While it may take a few seasons to settle in, our hope is that these additions will improve balance in those tiers.

With the new tiers being added in season 63, there is a different promotion and demotion scheme in place this upcoming season to fill the new tiers. The best performing players in G tier this season and worst performing players in F will join the tier being added between them (labelled G), and the best performing players in I and worst performing players in H will join the tier being added between those two (labelled J). Below is a graphic showing the transition from our current 9 tiers to 11 for next season.

Two tiers being added between others

Feel free to ask about the process in the #league discord channel if something seems confusing.

As always, best of luck this upcoming season, and we hope scheduling will go a bit more smoothly for all of you with the holidays now behind us.