Season 52 - Feedback Report

May 15, 2022 / by tracer

Season 51 Town Hall (You Ask Us)

During the season 51 town hall, we asked that players ask us any questions they have about the way league runs or how moderation works. While there was not much in the way of actionable takeaways from it, we felt that it was a valuable discussion and should be repeated in the future. We will look to do one of these “reverse” town halls roughly once per year to give a structured place for these questions, though they are always welcome in the #league channel of the discord.

Returning Form Questions

On the season 52 returning form, we asked about preferences for default card pools, and in addition sent a supplementary form about flex divisions to those who had participated in them in the past.

From the responses to our comments question, we were pleased to learn that scheduling seems to have been easier for many players this past season, and this was reflected in our completion rates throughout the season. We are hoping that this trend continues.

Card Pool Levels

A majority in all of our tiers strongly wanted to maintain the current default of using card pool level 10. It seemed clear from these results that we should keep the status quo here. As a reminder, if you are uncomfortable with card level 10, you may ask your opponent to play with a lower level, but they have the option of denying that request. A number of comments from this question told stories of people feeling uncomfortable with higher levels, but playing with them anyways and finding that it was more fun and not too hard, so we encourage those of you still uncomfortable to explore all of what Dominion has to offer.

Results of this poll broken down by tier can be found below.

How do you feel about the default card pool settings at your tier?

TierResp.S. LowerW. LowerW. MaintainS. Maintain
 A  3  33%  -  -  67% 
 B  10  -  -  -  100% 
 C  20  -  -  -  100% 
 D  17  -  -  18%  82% 
 E  39  -  3%  15%  82% 
 F  50  -  2%  16%  82% 
 G  43  -  -  21%  79% 
 H  87  2%  7%  18%  72% 
 I  85  6%  9%  31%  54% 
 J  76  12%  13%  24%  51% 
 Total  430  4.0%  6.0%  20.0%  70.0% 

Answer Format: Select one of: Strong preference for a lower default card pool in my tier; Weak preference for a lower default card pool in my tier; Weak preference for maintaining a default level of 10 in my tier; Strong preference for maintaining a default level of 10 in my tier

Flex Divisions

For the past few seasons, we have usually received comments from players in flex divisions expressing a negative opinion of them, so this season wanted to do a general survey of players who had played in flex divisions since we last polled on them (Season 43). While we asked a few questions, the first one, asking for general feelings towards flex divisions, showed that there is majority support for keeping them, and roughly a third of respondents strongly wished to keep flex divisions. As moderators, we felt that we should follow the opinions of the players, and so will be making no change with regards to flex divisions.

Results for the 29 people who responded to this first poll are shown below.

What are your feelings towards the league continuing to have flex divisions in tiers A-E?

S. AgainstW. AgainstW. FavorS. Favor
 13.8%  20.7%  31.0%  34.5% 

Looking Forward to Season 52

As always, we received a number of comments about pace of play on this past season’s returning form. The season 52 town hall will concern speed of games and what (if any) the standards the League should enforce. We have collected game timing data from season 51 matches and will be presenting some of it there.

Coming up on this season’s returning form are an annual question about how many players should be in a division, and also a question about how long people should be allowed to take a break while maintaining their league standing.