Season 49 - Feedback Report

December 03, 2021 / by tracer

Starting this season, the Dominion League Moderators will be publishing select results from our feedback questions, both for accountability to them and to be able to reference them later should players have questions about why something is the way it is.

Season 48 Town Hall (Drop Rules)

During the Season 48 Town Hall, players expressed strong support for changing drop rules to a new alternative (discord link to text), with 73% of poll respondents in favor of changing and 12% opposed at the time of counting.

As such, we will be adopting the new rule, intended to start in season 50, with the linked text, altered such that players who have played the same number of games against all dropped players will only consider the all games played ordering.

Returning Form Questions

On the season 48 to 49 returning form, we asked questions about preferred numbers of playing sessions and the use of card lists in league matches.

Playing Sessions

Overall, 69% of respondents prefer to play most of their matches in a single session, including a majority in all tiers, and 95% prefer to average fewer than 2 sessions per match, with over 90% in all but one of the tiers.

Although we will not make any hard rules concerning playing sessions, with these results in mind we now strongly encourage players to schedule their league matches at times when they will be able to play all games at once - not doing so will tend to run counter to other players’ expectations.

The results from this question broken down by tier are shown below.

Question: In a typical 6-player division with 5 matches, how many playing sessions would you prefer to play over the course of the season?

 A  6  100%  -  -  - 
 B  11  100%  -  -  - 
 C  19  84%  16%  -  - 
 D  14  79%  14%  7%  - 
 E  36  64%  33%  -  3% 
 F  51  76%  24%  -  - 
 G  54  72%  24%  2%  2% 
 H  92  73%  23%  3%  1% 
 I  96  56%  31%  9%  3% 
 J  76  62%  36%  -  3% 
 Total  455  68.8%  26.4%  3.1%  1.8% 

Answer Format: Select one of: 5-6 (approximately 1 per match); 7-9 (mix of 1 per match and 2 per match); 10-14 (2-3 per match); 15+ (3 or more per match)

Card Lists

In total, we had 68% support for continued use of Ban lists, and 60% support for continued use of Dislike lists in League matches using expansions. There was 27% support for adding use of Like lists to the default settings.

Considering both these results and the Dominion Online table defaults, we will be maintaining the status quo, meaning Ban and Dislike lists will be enabled by default, and Like lists disabled.

The results from this question broken down by tier are shown below. Number of responses reflects anybody who indicated a response for at least one of the three lists. Percentages reflect the proportion of “Yes” votes among those who responded to that question.

Question: For each of the following card lists, should the default rules of the league be to use it in games with expansions?

 A  5  100%  100%  60% 
 B  10  100%  80%  40% 
 C  17  94%  71%  12% 
 D  15  100%  87%  27% 
 E  36  81%  81%  29% 
 F  46  72%  63%  20% 
 G  48  71%  60%  38% 
 H  84  64%  57%  24% 
 I  79  46%  39%  22% 
 J  64  66%  62%  33% 
 Total  404  67.9%  60.2%  27.0% 

Answer Format: For each list, select one of Yes or No

Season 49 Townhall

Among suggestions from both the general feedback section of the form and the town hall suggestions, there were two themes: kingdom selection and use of timers. We do not feel that we are able to make any changes regarding the latter of these.

As such, the season 49 townhall will focus on the topic of kingdom selection, including how much is allowed to be pre-specified and how much defaults can be strayed from.