Season 43 - League Championship Match

Sunday, January 24th at 20:00 UTC

January 18, 2021 / by alibby1152

The Dominion League Season 43 Championship Match is set for this Sunday, January 24th at 20 UTC. The match features 2020 Shuffle iT Champion nasmith99 and 17-time League Champion Mic Qsenoch. Holding a one game lead heading into the match, nasmith needs 3 wins to secure his first title, whereas Mic needs 3.5 to overcome the deficit and win by virtue of his 6.5-5.5 combined record between the regular season and Championship matches.

Commentary will be provided by fellow A League players and 2020 World Cup Champions Sicomatic and E.Honda. You can watch by spectating on and tune in to the commentary by joining the Moderated Game Chat voice channel in the Dominion Discord. Looking forward to watching these high-level games and hope to see you all there!