Season 40 - Championship Match

Sunday, July 12th 18:00 UTC

July 09, 2020 / by tracer

The Season 40 Championship Match is coming up this Sunday at 18 UTC between Mic Qsenoch, playing for his 3rd consecutive championship and 16th overall, and nasmith99, last season’s runner up. Commentary on the match will be provided by former champion tracer and xyrix, this season’s 3rd place finisher in A. You can watch by spectating on, and listen to the commentary in one of the voice channels in the Dominion Discord.

Going into the championship match Mic Qsenoch leads by 5 games, so will need to win only one game to take the prize, while nasmith99 will need to make a strong run with at least 5.5 wins. Regardless of what happens, they will play 6 exciting high-level games, so be sure to tune in!