Season 41 - Call for new mods

July 01, 2020 / by SamE

Hello everyone!

The League is run by a team of volunteer moderators, and due to the growth of the League in the last few seasons, we’re looking for more!

Moderator responsibilities consist of the following:

  • Meet with fellow moderators on the weekend before the season to set everything up. For Season 41, this will be the weekend of July 18-19.
    • These meetings vary in length but usually last a few hours, including post-meeting tasks.
  • Meet with fellow moderators on the final weekend of the season to discuss and vote on any necessary rules changes. For Season 40, this will be the weekend of August 29-30. These meetings also vary in length, but usually last an hour or two.
  • Answer any questions from players in your 8-12 divisions.
  • Resolve any disputes between players that arise in your divisions.
  • Message players in your divisions who have fallen behind and remove them if they don’t reply or can’t finish.
    • (For this purpose, you will also need an account on these forums.)
  • Help out with miscellaneous tasks like onboarding new players and updating our Google Sheets automation systems.

In general, the moderator role tends to be a reactive responsibility. Accordingly, we expect moderators to be responsive within 24 hours on Discord throughout the season. We also require new moderators to have played at least two full League seasons (which can include Season 40).

To apply, send the current mods a PM on the forum Applications are closed by clicking this link some time in the next 48 hours from this post.