June 01, 2020 / by truffles

Season 41 - Sign-ups

Sign-ups Open

Season 41 will run from Monday, July 20 until Sunday, August 30 and you can sign up until Monday, July 13 at 15:00 UTC. Sign-ups are now officially closed, but you can still sign up below to join the waiting list until Monday, July 27 at 15:00 UTC. If there is a space suitable for you, you will be added to fill all divisions up to 6 players each. Sign up by filling out the Google form below.

You will need the following in order to sign up:

  1. An account on the Dominion Online client.
    • In order to place you appropriately, we highly recommend playing at least 20 rated 2-player games through the automatch system before Friday, July 17.
  2. An account on the Dominion Discord.
    • All League communications will take place by default over Discord.
  3. (Optional) An account on the Dominion Strategy Forum.
    • This gives the moderators a second means of contacting you should you become unresponsive on Discord.

After you fill out the form, please check back in about 5 minutes for the table of sign-ups to update with your sign-up. If any of the entries are highlighted in red, this indicates that we have detected a problem with that entry. Please remedy this right away, or otherwise reach out to the moderators on Discord or by using the Dominion League Hotline.

A moderator will contact you on Discord to confirm your participation. You must reply to this message within 4-7 days depending on how close your sign-up is to the deadline. In addition, we require all players to “check in” during the first week of the season or forfeit their place. This consists of filling out a very short form to confirm that you plan to play the season that will be sent at the start of the season. If you fail to check in promptly, you could be removed.

Sign up using this Google Form:

NOTE: Season 40 players should not use this sign-up form and should instead fill out the Returning Form which is pinned in their division channel on Discord.

Sign-ups and Counts

Sign-ups and Counts are listed below (it may take a few seconds to load).
Tiers are tentative. Counts for returning players may be a bit off before the season ends.