Each season of the Dominion League is a round robin tournament that lasts 6 weeks and is open to players of all levels. Competitors are placed into tiers based on their level and compete within the tiers to promote to a higher tier, or demote to a lower tier. The tournament is hosted on the Dominion Discord server. It is a fun and friendly competition where you can learn more about the game, play competitive Dominion and make friends. Sign up today!

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Season 46 - New Moderators

April 14, 2021 by muenstercheese

We are excited to welcome three new moderators to our team for Season 46: muenstercheese pppppppppp Emmi muenstercheese has been playing in league since Season 40, jumping up and down around H tier the whole time. Besides league, she’s ran a few tournaments in the Dominion Discord on the side....


Season 46 - Sign-ups

Sign-ups Open

April 10, 2021 by Rozyroz

Season 46 will run from Monday, May 24, until Sunday, July 4, and you can sign up until Sunday, May 16 at 23:59 UTC by filling out the Google form below. You will need the following in order to sign up: A Dominion Online account with 10 or more rated...


Season 46 - Call for new mods

March 30, 2021 by Sharur

Hello, everyone! The League is run by a team of volunteer moderators, and due to some recent turnover on the team, we’re looking for more! Moderator responsibilities consist of the following: Meet with fellow moderators on the weekend before the season to set everything up. For Season 46, this will...


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