Each season of the Dominion League is a round robin tournament that lasts 6 weeks and is open to players of all levels. Competitors are placed into tiers based on their level and compete within the tiers to promote to a higher tier, or demote to a lower tier. The tournament is hosted on the Dominion Discord server. It is a fun and friendly competition where you can learn more about the game, play competitive Dominion and make friends. Sign up today!

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Season 54 Sign-Ups

Signups are now open!

August 14, 2022 by alibby1152

Season 54 will run from Monday, October 10, until Sunday, November 20, and you can sign up until Sunday, October 2 at 23:59 UTC by filling out the Google form below. You will need the following in order to sign up: A Dominion Online account with 10 or more rated...


Season 53 - Sign-ups

Signups are now open!

June 12, 2022 by alibby1152

Season 53 will run from Monday, August 1 until Sunday, September 11 and you can sign up until Sunday, July 24 at 23:59 UTC. Signups are now officially closed, but you can still sign up below to join the waiting list until Friday, August 12 at 23:59 UTC. If there...


Season 52 - Feedback Report

May 15, 2022 by tracer

Season 51 Town Hall (You Ask Us) During the season 51 town hall, we asked that players ask us any questions they have about the way league runs or how moderation works. While there was not much in the way of actionable takeaways from it, we felt that it was...


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